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Making sense of the Russian migration in Georgia is a social listening platform that allows journalists to monitor, track and analyze social media conversations from two distinct communities: Russian migrants residing in Georgia and Georgian communities.

The portal was developed in response to the massive Russian migration to Georgia and Kazakhstan caused by war in Ukraine.

With over 4 million data points, this open data portal provides comprehensive sentiment, emotional, topic, and keyword analysis, as well as correlation analysis and other tailored features, to aid journalists and researchers in investigating and reporting on Russian migration issues in Georgia.

In January 2023, ForSet, the project partner in Georgia, recruited 15 high-level journalists under the "Data for Crisis Fellowship" framework for developing data-driven, evidence-based stories around Russian migration in Georgia based on the data.

Journalists were trained by ForSet team in data analysis, data visualization, storytelling and informational design, which was followed by mentorship sessions as journalists worked on multimedia stories.

As a result, five stories were developed and published in Georgian media outlets

The portal is brought to you by SocialLab, ForSet and MediaNet, supported by DW Akademie and German Cooperation.



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