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1. Design

If you have a study, report, or large dataset and wish to convert its content into an understandable, accessible data story for everyone, we can assist you.

We can also create:

  • Animated videos;

  • Infographics and factographs;

  • Posters and information cards;

  • Brochures.

Our Portfolio:


2. Datathon and Hackathons

Datathons and hackathons are forms of competitions in which participants work on different challenges in teams and utilize data and technology tools in the process.


Our team has many years of experience in organizing hackathons and datathons on various topics, such as combating misinformation, addressing gender stereotypes, countering hate speech, promoting democracy, and more. Past experiences indicate that hackathons and datathons generate particular interest among youth groups and foster their engagement.


If you're interested in organizing a datathon or hackathon, we can handle the entire process, from planning to execution.


3. Trainings and Workshops

We at ForSer have a diverse experience in conducting training and workshops with groups of varying professions and interests. We are capable of conducting training or workshops both individually and for groups on the topic of data visualization.


4. Communication Strategies

We believe that the key to success lies in saying the right thing at the right time. With our team's extensive experience in strategic communication, we can assist you in effectively conveying your message to your audience.

We can prepare for you:

  • Communication strategy for an information campaign or organization, outlining goals, objectives, target audiences, and communication channels

  • Communication action plan

Our Clients 

We work with a wide range of sectors including international organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and socially responsible companies.

We are proud to call these awesome teams of professionals OUR Clients!