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Join the "Media Innovation Hackathon"

Media Innovation Hackathon

If you're passionate about technology and eager to contribute innovative solutions to revolutionize the media sector, ForSet and the USAID Media Program invite you to participate in the "Media Innovation Hackathon".

The hackathon aims to foster the development of groundbreaking solutions to address media-related challenges, foster collaboration among media professionals, tech enthusiasts, and innovators, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices in media technologies. The initial prize pool for the hackathon is 14,000 GEL!

Who Can Participate?

This event is open to anyone interested in media innovation, including data scientists, analysts, designers, journalists, developers, researchers, communication specialists, students, and more. You can register either individually or as part of a team.

What Challenges Can Your Product Address?

Your product created during the hackathon can cover various issues such as media monitoring tools, media monetization and donation, efficient communication with media subscribers, web and social media analytics tools, educational products for implementing AI tools in the media, tools promoting collaboration between journalists, products supporting collaborations of freelance journalists and media organizations, voter education, interactive media platforms (quizzes, polls, community forums, puzzles, AR platforms), innovative news distribution methods, and investigative journalism tools. Additionally, presenting an existing product in the development stage, if it acquires additional functionality or value through this hackathon, is permissible.

Why Should You Participate?

In addition to the chance to win a cash prize of 14,000 GEL, participating in the hackathon offers you the opportunity to test your skills, connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, receive guidance from industry specialists, and tackle real-world challenges in the media sector.

Format and Deadlines:

The hackathon will feature a hybrid format, combining online learning components with on-site meetings for a dynamic 2-day event.

  • April 10, 13:00: Information session - Join this online meeting to learn about the hackathon rules, receive practical tips, and have your questions answered.

  • April 26: Registration closes.

  • May 6-10: Three online workshops on the media environment, needs, and innovations in Georgia will be conducted. Participants will also have the chance to form multidisciplinary teams.

  • May 14: Participants/teams must upload a one-page idea or prototype of their innovative solution.

  • May 18-19: The hackathon will take place in a physical space, where participants will collaborate with mentors to develop a prototype. On the second day, prototypes will be presented to the jury.

Application Deadline: April 26

Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference in the media industry and unleash your creativity at the "Media Innovation Hackathon"!



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