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Counter-Disinformation Bootcamp


European union in georgia

Project Description

The “Counter-Disinformation Innovation Bootcamp” equipped 50 journalists and research students with innovative tools and techniques for countering disinformation threats.

Innovative tools to combat disinformation, open source investigation, coordinated network research, fact checking, monitoring of political ads, geolocation, and more - participants have gained skills in various crucial areas that are essential for addressing the contemporary challenges posed by disinformation.

Collaborative teams comprising selected journalists, researchers, data scientists, and journalism students, with help of experts in investigating disinformation, employed innovative techniques to create 9 research and investigative materials. Researched subjects included in union list propaganda targeting young people, inauthentic TikTok networks, financing of pro-Russian forces, and other urgent issues. The authors of the 4 most outstanding materials were be announced at DataFest Tbilisi 2023.

The project was hosted by ForSet in partnership with the Zinc Network and is supported by USAID's Information Integrity Program.

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