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Here’s some of our work

Hope you’ll enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed making them 

Data storytelling

1. Data storytelling

Some people think they can’t understand complex data. This is not true. Once filtered carefully, structured wisely, and visualized correctly, everyone can see stories behind data. That’s why we take complex information and turn it into understandable, engaging visuals such as

Community building

2. Community building

We organize various community building events (meetups, hackathons, conferences) where we create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people from different professional backgrounds to meet each other, network, share their knowledge and start collaborations that will help them bring their craziest data-related ideas to life.

Educational programs

3. Educational programs

We are very passionate about what we do. And we want as many people to do the same as possible. So we run different educational programs to spread the love for data and design all over the world.