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Who we are

We are a team of socially-driven, creative people who use data, design, and technology to help you make your voice heard.

We create engaging data visualizations and civic tech tools for our partners and clients, and teach how to tell visually-driven data stories to everyone who wants to positively impact their communities.

We use data, design and technology to help you make an impact.

Our projects fall under 4 directions

Data storytelling

Some people think they can’t understand complex data. This is not true. Once filtered carefully, structured wisely, and visualized correctly, everyone can see stories behind data.

Community building

We organize various community building events where we meet each other, network, start collaborations that will help them bring their craziest data-related ideas to life

Educational programs

We believe that knowledge sharing brings significant positive change. So we run different educational programs to spread the love for data and design all over the world.

Civil tech

By developing web applications, user-friendly data portals, and educational games, we aim to enhance the accessibility of data and technology for the general public.

Our Services


Datathon and Hackathons

Trainings and Workshops

Communication strategies

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